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Please Note: After online payment, you must click the blue link on your receipt to submit the name and email of those whom you would like to invite, also you can confirm how your name will appear as a sponsor.

INNOVATOR $ ($25,000 and More) Includes 12 event participants plus yourself.Provides 14 clients with half a year of participation in our Social Wellness & Expressive Arts program (virtual and/or onsite), where they enjoy Gardening, Photography, Meditation, Yoga, Creative Writing, Virtual Travel Experiences, Book Clubs, Group Chats, Art, Song Writing, Theater, and more!
TRAILBLAZER $ ($18,000 - $24,999) Includes 10 event participants plus yourself.Engages 10 clients/month in virtual and/or onsite Day Program activities that foster decision making, self-awareness and skill development and increase socialization, including Music Appreciation, Trivia, Chess, Critical Thinking, Self-Esteem, Meditation, Boundaries, Nutrition, and more.
PLATINUM $ ($10,000 - $17,999) Includes 8 event participants plus yourself.Underwrites Athletic & Fitness Programís annual expenses for uniforms, rental space, and sports equipment while providing 10 clients in need with scholarships to ensure participation.
GOLD $ ($5,000 - $9,999) Includes 6 event participants plus yourself.Provides job coaching to 75 clients/month through our Work Readiness & Employment Engagement (WREE) Program helping clients adjust to the workplace, handle work situations, and succeed.
SILVER $ ($2,500 - $4,999) Includes 4 event participants plus yourself.Provides 20 clients with 1 hour of group counseling to decrease stress and anxiety, work toward healthier behaviors and develop healthy relationships.
BRONZE $ ($1,000 - $2,499) Includes 2 event participants plus yourself.Allows for emergency purchases for clients in need including eyeglasses and personal items and tickets to attend for-purchase client events
HERO $ ($500 - $999)Engages 7 clients/month in creative groups including JESPY Band and film editing.
CHAMPION $ ($250 - $499)Builds self-advocacy skills for 5 clients/month through Client Committees and Community Engagement.
FRIEND $ (Under $249)Sustains JESPYís life-enriching programs for 260 clients ages 18-73.

Minimum of $18 to participate in the virtual event.