Messages to Our Honoree, Judy Peskin

Judy, thank you for your longtime dedication to JESPY House.

Thank you Judy for all you have done for JESPY House.


To all those who work tirelessly on behalf of JESPY HOUSE, and in particular this year\'s honoree Judy Peskin, your efforts are appreciated and make a difference! Ann and Seth Leeb

Enormously well deserved tribute to Judy. Suki Shikiar


You have been and still are the best!

JESPY is lucky to have your support for all of these years.

Sharon and Steve Kepniss

Congratulations on being recognized for your contributions to the community. Galer Coaching for Excellence, LLC

Congrats to all! We are proud to support such an amazing organization and the superstar honoree!- Josh and Danielle Mann

Jespy has provided our cousin Thomas Vreeland with the freedom, work skills and social interactions he so desperately needed.Thank you, Jespy Family! Mr. and Mrs. Josef K Shahwan

Congratulations, Judy!!!!- Margie and Don Karp

Congratulations to all the Jespy clients as they work so hard to be strong independent citizens and thank you to Jespy for its hard work.

Dear Judy, Thank you for your many contributions to Jespy House. i am sure they have been instrumental in improving the lives of so many clients! Sincerely, Julia Plotnick

Thank you for you dedication to this unique community!

congratulations from Bunny and Stephen Schwartz

Judy, we are very proud of all the great work you have done and continue to do. Sending you our best.

In Honor of Judy Peskin!

Mazal Tov on this well deserved honor!

Thank you for your decades of leadership, commitment and dedication to JESPY House and our clients!

Dear Judy,
Congratulations for your honor. Your long, continuous support of JESPY is commendable.

JESPY House - you are amazing! Our Studio 1200 team is so proud to be working with all of you and to be creating homes for you that reflect family living at its best! Have fun celebrating tonight!

Congratulations Judy - you have always done wonderful work for JESPY and it is our privilege honor you.

In honor of Judy Peskin, regarding her great work for Jespy House. Congratulations Judy!

In honor of Ben Kremer and the sports program. - William Kremer

Wonderful honor to a well deserving mainstay of JESPY House. Ron Brandt

Congratulations Judy. Thanks for your support for so many years!- Frank Bresnick

Donation made in the memory of Ira Ehrenkranz- Daniel & Judy Maisel

In honor of Patsy Perl- Linda Sterling

Mazel Tov Judy! A well deserved honor for all your years of dedication and volunteering to JESPY. I know how much you mean to all of the clients. Elaine Katz

Judy, you are amazing.

Congratulations and thank you for all that you do! Alice Newman

Thank you Jespy House for all you do, and a special shout-out to Jason and the Jespy Players for another amazing performance.
Michael and Vivian Barbiero

Thanks for all you work to help Jespy Clients! Susan Greene

I applaud this wonderful organization that does so much for the South Orange Community- Robin E. Sherer

In honor of Judy Croman Westrich
Bob & Corey Glass

This is to honor our friend Ahadi Bugg-Levine for all she does.
Lawrence Martin and Carol Fisler

your support has been tremendous!
Jacqueline Bugg Murphy

Thank you Judy for all that you continue to do for the community. Penina Barr

Congratulations Judy, Your dedication to JESPY House and our mission are greatly appreciated!
Tara Roberts

Dear Judy,
I am so proud of all the good work that you do.

Judy, congratulations on being named this year's honoree for IT'S A JESPY DAY virtual fall fundraiser. It is a pleasure to work with you!!
Thank you for all you do for JESPY clients.
Amy Engel

No one is more deserving of this special honor than you, my dear friend. So looking forward to November 2!! Diane Witlieb

Mazel Tov, Judy, on this well deserved honor. Your dedication to Jespy House and your support of their wonderful work is an inspirational example for us all.

Samantha Pozner, MD and Andrew Hickman

In honor of Susan Weinstock for her tireless commitment and outstanding work in support of JESPY House. Best wishes, Cheryl P. Vollweiler, Esq., Skarzynski Marick & Black, LLP

Judy - Mazel Tov to a well deserved honor! You do so much for JESPY House.

And to JESPY staff and administration - Your commitment and caring are what make JESPY the amazing organization it is!

Denise, Yoav, Yonatan, Itai & Ilan Rekem


You have put your heart and your time into JESPY in the most selfless way. I am incredibly lucky to have you as my co-chair, and JESPY clients are lucky for all you have done to improve their lives.

Enjoy your well-deserved honor!


The clergy of Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel are thrilled to support this important institution in our community and all of it's important work. Thank you, Ahadi and the entire board and staff for your leadership and service!

The work you all do (coming from a South Orange resident) is so incredible. You make our community better.
Peter Kaplan, United Energy Consultants, LLC

To Judy, With much appreciation for your tireless dedication and support for JESPY House.
Susan and Eric Goldman

Dear Judy: It is our honor to honor you for your years of good works at JESPY House and beyond.
Enjoy your well-deserved tribute! Phyllis and Lew

Thank you to Judy and all who are involved in JESPY, both professionals and volunteers, who inspire the special people in our community, Ellen and Alan Goldner.

Mazel Tov- Judy! On this tremendous and well deserved honor. You are a community treasure.- Love Carol and Bob Marcus

JESPY could not have selected a more worthy honoree. Our congratulations and love always, Claire and Jeff

Congratulations to Judy for this well deserved recognition. Your commitment and dedication to JESPY are admirable. Thank you to all the professionals and volunteers for all that you do for people with special needs and their families
Stacey & Gene Davis

Judy, you never cease to amaze me with your profound dedication to JESPY and your incredible skill at fundraising. I truly admire you. -Elaine Harris, Esq.

Judy you are the best! Thank you for all you do for JESPY. Huge thanks & appreciation to our JESPY team who care for clients. Their commitment & dedication during an incredibly challenging year is to be applauded.
Heroes Don\'t Always Wear Capes. Audrey

Dear Cousin Judy, You are an endless source of ways to serve others! Congratulations on this well deserved award! Yvonne and Charles

Judy Peskin has been a loyal friend to JESPY for as long as we have known her. Our donation is in her honor and also our daughter's, Heather Sobel.
Andrea and Jay Sobel