About Our Honoree Ron Brandt

Ron has been a prominent member of the JESPY Board of Trustees for 15 years, serving as Board President from 2017 to 2020. Ron is most proud of the strengthened financial integrity of JESPY House during his tenure as well as the dedication of The Michael Och House, A Center for Aging. He also served as co-chair of JESPY’s executive search committee which brought us our wonderful Executive Director, Audrey Winkler.

Highlights of Ron’s other community involvement include serving as President of the Hebrew Academy of Morris County (now Gottesman RTW Academy), President of the Mt. Freedom Jewish Center, and Vice President of the United Jewish Federation of MetroWest. Ron also served as president of the Drug, Chemical and Allied Technologies Association (DCAT), the largest professional association for that industry.

A chemical engineer by training, Ron served in senior executive roles in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Notably, he was Chief Operating Officer of Lonza Inc. as well as President and CEO of Chiral Quest, a biotech pharmaceutical company. When Ron left the business world, he embarked on an “Encore” career, teaching chemistry and physics at West Orange High School for 15 years. Ron’s academic achievements include a B.Ch.E. from The Cooper Union, an M.B.A from Rutgers and an M.A and Ph.D. from Seton Hall.

Ron and his wife Lillie are blessed with 3 lovely and accomplished daughters and sons-in-law: Shari Brandt and Brett Popolow, Allyssa and David Gresser, and Rachel Brandt-Greenfeld and Carl Greenfeld. Their greatest joys are their 7 grandchildren, Alex, Jake, Matt, Maddie, Bridget, Alexis and Kayla.. They are proud members of Mt. Freedom Jewish Center.