About JESPY House

JESPY House: An Enduring Mission Which Matters More Than Ever

JESPY House was established in South Orange in 1978 with a mission to advance independence for adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). Started by our visionary founders who felt that adults with I/DD deserved a community where they could learn to live independently, JESPY has grown from serving four clients to serving 260 clients who range in age from 18 to 73.

JESPY’s whole-life services promote independence and support our clients in every facet of their lives. Our essential services include residential options, clinical and behavioral health services, social wellness and expressive arts, athletics and fitness, case management, daily living skills training, and vocational services.

Since the onset of the pandemic, JESPY has been providing clients with over 100 virtual programs weekly via Skype, Facebook Live, Zoom and WebEx, and staff is in regular contact with clients via individual and group calls. In addition to our virtual services, we are providing many residential clients in South Orange with one-on-one JESPY support.

With your generous support for our Virtual Fundraising Event, we can continue to offer JESPY clients full and rewarding lives with programs and services which promote independence and individual choice while providing social interaction and a feeling of community.

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