About JESPY House

JESPY House is a community-based nonprofit organization that helps adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities from different backgrounds and cultures to live independently in South Orange.

JESPY serves over 250 clients from their teenage years into adulthood, but many more individuals long to join the JESPY community. Your support is vital to sustain the organization and will help JESPY reach more people who want to call South Orange home.

JESPY House began in 1978 with a dream shared by four families and their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. These families searched for a local organization to teach their children necessary skills to help them transition from high school into the adult world. When they couldn’t find one, they created their own day program to teach vocational training.  

The next year, the program tripled in number. Clients soon integrated into the community by renting apartments. This program evolved into JESPY House, which helps over 250 clients develop the skills they need to live independently. 

JESPY relies on funding from individuals, corporations, and foundations to do its great work. JESPY is grateful for the partners who have helped the organization come this far. With additional support, this local nonprofit will be able to help more people to live independently and reach their full potential.  

The SO Invitational fundraiser will help JESPY serve two important groups: young adults and the aging in place population. JESPY will expand its outreach efforts, provide additional scholarships to increase diversity, develop more targeted programming, and increase housing opportunities. To do this, we need you by our side.