Wish List

Karaoke/Speaker Machine
$200 will provide to the amusement and entertainment at the JESPY Café while our clients who love to sing out and others enjoying audience participation have fun in this group activity.
$200 is still needed for a new group entertainment alternative for JESPY clients

Paper Mill Playhouse Shows
$400 will provide 10 clients a high quality, innovative musical theater experience.
$400 is still needed for JESPY clients to appreciate the wonders of a professional musical show.

Renovation of Greenhouse
$1,500 will allow us to reactivate our onsite greenhouse as an ongoing gardening education and training program.
Goal Reached $1,500 Raised

Current Events Guest Speakers
$400 will provide four presentations from guest speakers who will further stimulate our clients’ interest in the world around them.
$400 is still needed for our clients to investigate social, economic and political issues, worldwide.

$6,000 will provide a SMART Board that will be used by clients on a daily basis, as interactive and participant - focused learning opportunities have been proven to boost attentiveness, promote comprehension, and increase client engagement.
$6,000 is still needed for JESPY clients to engage in new, interactive and fun group learning experiences.

Computer Tablets
$3,000 will provide 10 tablets that will be used for group activities that foster socialization skills and utilize software applications that cultivate task analysis skills, improve memory, and further develop other functional skills.
$3,000 is still needed for our clients to use current technology and application to improve their skills.